Here is an ask blog for a few rather different mobs.

Current M!A's : None

Anonymous asked: Is that a pickax Citrus? Does this mean you can eat anything?

Citrus: I think you might be confusing this particular mushroom for something else…

And no, sadlyI can’t ‘eat’ everything, My slime’s strong enough to break down most anything but only certain things will keep me alive

Mod: I should be able to post some asks tomorrow, not feeling so hot atm but before I lay down I wanna thank Redux Mod aka Oiseaubird  ( http://theoiseaubird.tumblr.com/ ) for the promo!  ;u;

Anonymous asked: Citrus, what, if any, foods do you eat?

Citrus: -eyes seem to sparkle- I’m glad you asked!

Anonymous asked: What does creeperbrine do on his down time?


Creeperbrine: Well, I don’t have a lot of off time but when I can get some time to myself I like talking to my new companions

(Mod: I’m getting a little frustrated with this style I might try experimenting soon)

End hiatus

Welp, I finally got my laptop fixed and now I can post again on here. 
First things first though is I’m going to reboot the characters on this blog (Kong, Scab and Buhst) 
As of late I haven’t really been to happy with them and so I’ve been avoiding using them. I found though that the best way for me to contiue with these characters was to reboot them to change them with how my style of doing things has changed
Buhst Scab and Kong now have new looks and are restarted over again!

Temp. Hiatus

I want to apologize first for the extreme lack of activity on this blog, I’ve been dealing with stuff and having some serious computer issues which keep me from uploading pics (As well as other problems) so for the time being until I can get it fixed.

Alright the new side blogs are up! I haven’t reblogged a lot of the older content on these characters to their newer places but I don’t think I will either.

For Brooke, Vincent, or ??? go here: 


For Yaga, Creeperbrine, Witherslime, Zed, Crahster or Wolfspider go here:


Scab, Buhst, and Kong will be staying on this blog

Mini hiatus

I’m thinking about splitting this blog up and putting different characters onto side blogs so that this one isn’t so cluttered up with characters so I’ll be on a hiatus while I do that. 

I did some halloween pictures for a few of my different blogs (minus my pokemon blog but that’ll come later due to lack of ideas for costumes >_>) Though due to lack of idea i’ve only done two for each blog. 

Here we have Vincent, dressed as Asger, from my other MC Blog ( based on the idea that if they met Asger would be Vincent’s senpai basically |D ) I tried to make his costume look pieced together (The beard is painted on) 

And here we have Creeperbrine actually wearing shoes  dressed as Frankenstein (sorry for the lame background and lack there of on Vincent’s picture)